customized Media packaging

Indigo Media Processing began as an idea after a conversation with a librarian who was having issues packaging and processing non-print media items for circulation. When a library wants to circulate music, video, or audiobooks, they frequently run into an issue with the product packaging not being strong enough to take the abuse of continual circulation. It falls apart over time and the library has to re-order the product or re-do their packaging, which costs the libraries precious time and money.
In order for an item to become shelf-ready a library or its vendor has to hand apply spine labels, barcodes, property labels and various other labels to the original retail graphics in what is a very labor intensive process. Sometimes the labels are applied incorrectly. Furthermore, the retail graphics are typically cut-down with utility knives and manually placed into vinyl cases. Maintaining quality control becomes a large issue for libraries and its vendors: "Will they place the stickers in the right place?" "Will they get the bar-coding right?" Additionally, adhesive stickers and labels get in the way of the retail graphics of the product, wear out and/or fall off.
The Indigo solution is to repackage the non-print media into hard cases that can survive the rigors of today’s libraries and digitally reprint the retail graphics with customized labels and stickers in a color print process. Because the Indigo Software applies the “labeling”, the product is right every time and the “stickers” are always in the right place. Indigo's digital print process has become a library standard that is requested by name in bids and quotes across the country. Our software is found at the warehouses of the biggest names in the library industry.

Customized Library Services

It starts with understanding the industry and then looking for ways to solve your client’s problems quickly, efficiently and in a cost effective manner. Problems are easy to find, usually they announce themselves in a conversation with a vendor or a library with adjectives such as; "slow, aggravating, and monotonous". Sometimes they announce themselves with statements such as; "our client would really like _________ but that would be too difficult to do, and would not be cost effective." When we hear things like that, it really gets our problem solving mojo going. Indigo's focus is to provide the services that library clients want to buy, faster and less expensively than ever before possible. We strive to leverage our understanding of technology in order to cut down on errors made by vendors who perform customized library services. Our technology improves quality and increases the speed with which libraries receive their product orders. Ultimately, providing better services faster means that customized library services cost less and that leaves more dollars in a library's budget to purchase more media... and THAT makes for happy library patrons.

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